Monday, October 20, 2008

Open Mic a Success!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Open Mic last wednesday. It was a fantastic time! Everone seemed to have fun. We had quite a few jam out sessions. New and original music was created. We also had a few poets show up to share their original works.
Special thanks to Rachael Shapiro for helping to host the event! She did an excellent job involving the audience and passersby.
Thank you to Dharma! They were fantastic. It was great to see a group of people enjoying music so much.
I need to give huge thanks to Chris Walsh for allowing me to borrow the PA system. It was a huge help. It couldn't have happened the same way with out that support.
Also Thanks to Deidre Hirschfeld for providing Video recording capabilities and helping to clean up.
Richard Hess provided the means to get the equipment to the Center of the Universe.

There were several people who wanted an open mic to happen more often. This might be something to look into for the future....

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